How to make myself better | How to stay away from recession | How to get a better job

How to make myself better | How to stay away from recession | How to get a better job
Smarty and Hardy series are designed to help you to be better and skilled.
The series aims at helping you to crack new jobs /sustain your current well paid job, start a new business, improve your relationships, migrate to different countries or remove your stage fear.
In this video, Hardy is a hardworking employee in a Company. He is working in the same company from 10 years. He is habituated of doing stereo type and over burdened work. He makes office his second home. As I have come across tales of many common men they never fetch their personal problems at work place but carry their extra work at home to please their bosses. So In spite of Hardy’s laborious efforts of many years, he is terminated. He is highly upset and insecure as he never thought any alternatives.
Hardy decides to meet his old friend Smarty. Smarty is working in the same Company at senior level. Smarty greets him and offers him seat. He recalls that they both graduated from the same University on which Hardy adds that they even joined the same company. Hardy says that Smarty has packed up his career faster than his. Smarty explains him about how that gap was created. He says that when Hardy was focused only on his job he allocated some time for his personal development.
Smarty tells him that he made himself better everyday. He explains Hardy that anyone who wants progress in his life needs to enrich his mind to make himself/herself a better skilled person. Hardy asks him how to make himself better.
Smarty gives him some golden rules:
Read books
Enhance skills
Join pressure groups or performance oriented groups
Add knowledge every single day to your skills
He says to Hardy that every better thing bets replaced by the best. Post cards were displaced by SMS and SMS were replaced by Whatsapp. In this ever changing world, if you don’t update yourself -your competitors will outwit you.
Hardy gets a new vision and promises Smarty to be a better performer.
So friends this video is on the golden words of Jim Rohn:”If you work your job, you will make a living but if you work on yourself you will make a fortune.”
This videos series in designed to help people and make their life easy. It’s completely based on my experiences. I taught more than 4000 students in my entire career who have excelled in their life and have migrated to different countries as happy professionals. It would be privilege for me, if I am of some help to some or many people.

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