ASSE Consultants Business Development Guide

ASSE Consultants Business Development Guide
Consultants Business Development Guide

Carol Keyes, J.A. Rodriguez, Jr., and Pamela Walaski, editors

ASSE, hardcover, 448 pages, ISBN 978-0939-8740-71

Although becoming a professional safety consultant may seem, at first glance, to be an ideal job, the reality can be quite different, and a lot more work than you originally imagined. TheConsultant Business Development Guide will help you plan out and set up your consulting business, from what type of business you want to be (sole proprietor, partnership, or head of your own company), to how to evaluate your consulting business after the first year (and thereafter). Each chapter sets out a topic that consultants need to deal with, including:

Business plans
Legal and regulatory requirements
Marketing and sales
Employees and subcontractors
Workers’ Compensation
Getting and retaining clients

The chapters in Consultant Business Development Guide are written by professional safety consultants. The last chapter contains essays by a number of safety consultants regarding the lessons they have learned as a consultant, providing the reader with real-life examples of the opportunities and challenges involved in being a professional consultant. The editors provide commentary before and after each essay to further help the reader grasp the intricacies of becoming a successful safety professional consultant.

Whether you are considering becoming a professional safety consultant or are one already, the Consultant Business Development Guide is a vital resource that can be read and referred to again and again for practical advice and guidance.

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