10 Ways Online Video Can Improve Your Business.

10 Ways Online Video Can Improve Your Business.
Videos have become a way of standing out online from everyone else as it is the most preferred type of content People prefer to watch videos online over reading or simply looking at images. Having videos on your site, says Bashar and Shamil, are very beneficial and can improve your business in many ways. Here are 10 of the ways they describe adding videos to your site can improve your business.

• Personality – by having videos on your site it allows your customer to get to know you and what you can do for them.
• You are introducing emotion into your customers, as images do not evoke the same kind of connection between your customers and your site that videos will. Videos allow the visitor to connect with your message and build a relationship.
• Change user experience. The best videos out there change how visitors to your site actually experience your it, and by changing their experience you can make them feel better about your company or more comfortable purchasing a produce or service from you.
• You can use the video to accomplish many things: you can represent your brand and increase your conversion rates. By having a video on your site with your products in it you can increase brand awareness of your products.
• Take the video and upload it to various social networks to encourage discussions. When others see your video content it may spark the beginnings of sharing your video, talking about your products and ultimately lead to more customers making purchases.
• The video can be used as an SEO link, so you are spreading your brand across multiple platforms with just one or two videos.
• You are also calling people back to your site with the video, since it is a direct link. So by visitors watching your video from another platform they be directly sent back to your site where they will potentially buy something or inquire about your company. This creates higher traffic to your site.
• The video can be used again at a later date, perhaps at a tradeshow or presentation. The one video can be used in multiple ways to promote your business and is something you have to create only once.
• You can share it on your own social media pages. If your company has a Facebook page you can post it to your page, getting people to share it. By sharing it the people who like your page can reach a much larger audience and get the conversation going about your video.
• A video helps you seem like you are an expert in your field because when she see things on TV we assume they are legitimate and the person knows what they are talking about. By making a series of videos about your company and what you provide it increases your credibility and the potential value you bring your client.

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